TV/FILM (select)

A CLEAR SHOT (feature)                   Supporting                              Leisure Visuals

YAMASHITA’S GOLD (TV)                  Supporting                              History Channel

THE DEADLIEST DECADE (TV)         Supporting                              Oxygen Network

SOULS (short)                              Lead                                        UTA Film Department

OUR LOVE BURNS RED (short)         Lead                                        UTA Film Department

PLANET X (short)                               Lead                                        Pride & Joy Pictures

THE BOMB (short)                             Supporting                              Art Institute at Dallas

LIKE & SUBSCRIBE (short)                Lead                                        UTA Film Department

THE WOODS (short)                          Lead                                        UTA Film Department


A.O.I.                                                   Supporting                              RedTape31 Productions

THEATRE (select)

THE GLASS MENAGERIE                   Jim O’Connor                          Richland Theatre

RASHOMON                                       Samurai                                   Richland Theatre

LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS             Dentist, others                        Richland Theatre

LOVE LABOUR’S LOST                      Katherine                                Bad Quarto Productions NYC

THE MISER                                          Cleante                                   Maverick Theatre Co.

YEAR WITH FROG & TOAD                Frog                                        Richland Theatre

THE MADNESS OF HERCULES         Messenger                              American Thymele Thea. NYC

TOO MUCH          Kevin                                       Maverick Theatre Co.

WE ARE PROUD TO PRESENT          Actor #3                                  Maverick Theatre Co.

PUTNAM CTY. SPELLING BEE          Leaf Coneybear                       Richland Theatre


Groundling’s – Improv – Brian Palermo

Tess Kirsch Acting Studio – On Camera Technique

John Rosenfeld Acting Studio – Acting

Killian’s Workshop – Commercial

The Barrow Group NYC – On-Camera Acting – K. Lorell Manning, Christine Campbell

HB Studio NYC – Acting – Michael Beckett


Voice part: Tenor, Piano, Guitar, Combat- unarmed, katana, broadsword, Vietnamese-conversational, Yoga, Basketball, Football, Cross Country, Track & Field, Improv, Rock Climbing, Martial Arts, Weights, Volleyball, Raquetball, Ping Pong, Dialects- New Yorker

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